Saturday, January 13, 2007

Major fundraising success for Romney

Mitt Romney has succeeded in raising over $6.5million in one day for his Presidential Campaign after a team of 400 volunteers made over 15,000 phone calls to supporters across the country.

The Romney camp called the event "National Call Day" and Mitt said that he was overwhelmed by the incredible response. Romney had apparently hoped to raise just $1million.

Mitt Romney supporters like the Chief Executive of eBay and Missouri Governor Matt Blunt were on the phones requesting donations.

Some Presidential campaign commentators have said that a serious candidate would have to raise up to $100million. This effort by Romney on one day puts him well into the category of being taken as seriously as McCain and Giuliani.

That is, if he hasn't already exhausted his donor base. According to
Time Magazine earlier this week, Romney had just over $500,000 in the campaign account and placed him at odds of 15-1.

This funraising effort would take him to the top of the GOP candidate list with over $7million.

It's a very good start.