Friday, January 12, 2007

Romney explains the 94 debate

Mitt Romney has issued a press release on that debate with Ted Kennedy in 1994.

He has also followed up with a brief video, submitted on youtube, which shows him talking on the phone to Glenn and Helen from, answering a question on his statements during the 94 debate. In a remarkable coincidence, a camera just happened to be there filming, and the answer to the question was uninterrupted for well over 1 minute. Tough question too!

Nevertheless, this almost instant response from Romney was a clever move. The story hardly had a chance to hit the media before Romney himself, not a campaign aide, responded. And what a good explantaion he made, the video makes Romney look genuine and willing to accept what he calls his past mistakes as well as appearing extremely confident and comfortable. It's a good pitch to the social conservatives in the GOP.

Watch the video here.